We would like to welcome you to the site of the "New Technologies in Gastrointestinal Surgery – Minimally Invasive Techniques – Bariatric Surgery" Master of Science Programme of the Medical School of Athens, Greece.

Meet the Programme

This is an innovative Master of Science (MSc) programme of the Medical School of Athens, which is intended exclusively for surgeons (both specialists and residents), which makes it unique on a national level.

This two-year MSc programme includes two important, mandatory branches: one theoretical, which is guaranteed through the teaching of both experienced and established University Professors as well as private practitioners of great renown, and one practical, with hands-on training on surgical simulation stations, laparoscopic boxes, robotic training systems, as well as live participation in actual surgical procedures.

In short, the programme focuses on all modern interventional techniques that comprise the present and the future of Surgery, in order to train a new generation of surgeons, and give the the necessary skills and knowledge needed, for them to be able to provide high-quality competitive health services in all professional settings.

Exclusively for Surgeons

This MSc programme is intended exclusively for surgical specialists and residents, who possess the necessary knowledge foundation needed in order to take full advantage of the demanding theoretical lectures and hands-on training.

Remote Attendance

Students living outside of Athens or abroad can follow the lectures remotely, with the sole mandatory need to attend in person all the hands-on sessions once during each semester.

Both Theoretical and Hands-on Training

Beyond education via theoretical lectures, students are also given extensive hands-on training, with mandatory participation of every student in practicing on simboxes, simulation stations, robotic training systems, as well as training on dry labs and actual live surgical procedures.


Evidence-Based Improvement

The performance of each student during the hands-on sessions is graded, and the improvement of their technical skills in laparoendoscopic and robotic surgery is monitored and evaluated continuously, up to the point that the instructors deem sufficient. This process guarantees the students' clearly progressing improvement, as proven by each one's individual learning curve.

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The students' hands-on education takes place in state-of-the-art, modern centers, equipped with cutting-edge surgical training and simulation technology. Our collaboration with the Network of Doctors’ Education (NoDE) Institute and their faculty, as well as the Innovation Simulation Learning Experience centre (ISLE) by SofMedica allows us to offer quality and intensive hands-on training to the specialist and resident surgeons that attend the programme. The students' participation in live surgical procedures at the Laparoendoscopic Surgical Unit of the "Hippocration" General Hospital of Athens, with three high advanced laparoscopic operating rooms equipped with modern technological equipment, rounds out their practical education.

Duration of Studies – Participants

Duration of studies:
4 semesters (last semester involves the development and defense of each student's thesis)

Participating Students:
24 specialist and resident surgeons selected from the entirety of all applicants, based on objective criteria and interview scores


endoscopic Surgery

Exploratory laparoscopy, EMR/ESD, basic and advanced laparoscopy skills

Robotic Surgery

Docking, usage, training on robotic systems (Intuitive DaVinci series), tips and tricks

Foregut Surgery

GERD, esophageal achalasia, stromal tumors, gastric - esophageal malignancies

Batriatric Surgery

Metabolic – bariatric surgery, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric Roux-en-Y/single anastomosis bypass, novel techniques

Colorectal Surgery

Diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, dysplastic colon polyps, colorectal malignancies, laparoscopic colectomy, laparoscopic lower anterior/abdominoperineal resection, TAMIS, TEM, TaTME

International Training

Participation of internationally acclaimed instructors, from both Greece and abroad

Hands-on Training

Intensive training on simulation stations, simboxers, dry labs and robotic education systems

In-Hospital Training

Training in the operating theatre, with participation in live surgical procedures

Results that Matter

All our students participate mandatorily in hands-on training sessions (on simboxes, dry labs, simulation stations, robotic training consoles, as well as in live surgical procedures in the operating theatre). Each student's progress is recorded, monitored and guided on an individual level by the instructors, resulting in the undeniable improvement of technical skills of every single one of our students, (p<0,0001, mean improvement by 40,89%, CI 95: 36,74% – 45,04%), based on our statistics.


The sessions of the programme are distributed in two parts: one theoretical and one hands-on. Both are mandatory for all our students and are distributed evenly across all weeks of each semester. The programme allows for up to 40% of students per course living in the countryside or abroad to attend the lectures via Internet, and visit Athens once per semester, in order to participate in the hands-on training program comprehensively and within reasonable timeframes.

Who We Are

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An MSc programme made by surgeons for surgeons, with all the things that we have thought about wanting to hear or learn about. Theory is complemented with equal amount of real hands-on training with mentors, based on the personal improvement of each individual student. Acclaimed lecturers from Greece and abroad, interesting subjects and video presentations. Real value for money!
John Georgopoulos
Pediatric Surgeon, "Hagia Sofia" Children's Hospital
[…] This is a novel MSc programme that operated at the highest professional standards, especially during the very trying period of 2020 – 2021. The quality of the lectures was very high, without wasting time on worn-out and trivial subjects, and met all my expectations. Among the pros was the detailed discussion on technical issues and matters of surgical technique. We had ample time for discussion and questions, in contrast with other programmes. Finally, the hands-on sessions, and especially getting to familiarize ourselves with the robot in the presence of instructors, is the programme's strongest suit.
Spyridon Roditis
Surgeon, "Hagioi Anargiroi" General Oncological Hospital of Kifisia
[…] It's an original, well-put together MSc programme, that aims, beyond theoretical training, to familiarize the students with robotic surgery and improve their laparoscopic skills. The instructors, each on his field of expertise, were very approachable and helpful, both during lectures and hands-on sessions. Highly recommended!
Panagiota Dalla
Surgical Resident, "Hippocration" General Hospital of Athens
One of the most serious and highly organized Master programmes of the Athens Medical School. Excellent speakers, detailed lectures, tons of hours of hands-on training on DaVinci Xi and laparoscopic simulators. The most modern and specialized MSc programme meant only for surgeons.
Menelaos Zoulamoglou
Surgical Resident, Naval Hospital of Athens
Real education amounts to less teaching and more practice. This particular programme combines perfectly the hours of lectures with those of practical training, creating the ideal conditions for every specialist or resident surgeon.
Dimitrios Kalliouris
Surgical Resident, 417 Army Equity Fund Hospital
[…] A theoretical approach of modern questions, the review of contemporary literature, and the hands-on training on special laparoscopic simulators as well as the DaVinci Xi robotic system, make this MSc programme a must-have asset for every surgeon who wants to be on par with modern surgical practice.
Georgia Bobetsi
Surgical Resident, "Attikon" General University Hospital

Start of Lectures – Announcements

Following up with public request, we inform you that the application period for the 2023 – 2025 has been moved back to July 15th, 2023. You can apply via the Contact Us section of the site.
Friday, Jun 30 2023
We are pleased to inform you that the application period for the 2023 – 2025 course is now open. You can apply via the Contact Us section of the site.
Saturday, Apr 4 2023
As per the instructions made known to us by the Ministry of Education regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have uploaded instructions for the 2021 – 2022 Winter semester exams.
Wednesday, Jan 19 2022
The programmes theoretical lectures will commence on Saturday, October 23rd 2021 at the "Hippocration" General Hospital of Athens (114, V. Sofias Ave., 11527 Athens), at the 1st Propaedeutic Dept. of Surgery Amphitheatre (building B, mezzanine between 2nd and 3rd floors). Students attending in person have to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, as per the standing instructions of the Athens Medical School.
Wednesday, Oct 20 2021
You can contact us regarding your inquiries about the MSc program using the form above, or via e-mail using the provided e-mail addresses. For applications for the 2023 – 2025 course, you can find the necessary forms and supporting documentation needed, along with instructions on how to submit them, at the Medical School of Athens site (click here).

Contact Us


"Hippocration" General Hospital of Athens
108, Vasilissis Sofias Ave.
5th Floor
11527 Athens

Contact Phone Numbers:
  • +30 697 979 40 20 (Mrs. Karakasi)
  • +30 697 50 23 763 (Mr. Smparounis)
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